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Sophie Horvath chat bot

Sophie Horvath

I have the great pleasure to offer something pretty unique: the combination of physical therapy and the tools of Access Consciousness.!!!

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Bespoke Treatments Physical Therapy chat bot

Bespoke Treatments Physical Therapy

Redefining the physical therapy experience, Bespoke Treatments was created to provide a high level of physical therapy care in a luxe and private setting.

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Niamh Brady - Physical Therapist chat bot

Niamh Brady - Physical Therapist

Body Kinetic is a Physical Therapy and Sport Injury Clinic situated in Carlow town. Niamh Brady is the female therapist providing injury & pain treatment.

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Modern Manual Therapy chat bot

Modern Manual Therapy - A blog promoting the highest levels of physical therapy. It is the art, the evidence, and expertise rolled into one!

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Get Your Fix Physical Therapy chat bot

Get Your Fix Physical Therapy

Find yourself unable to do the things you love to do because your body won't let you? We can help do the things you love again.

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CrossFix chat bot


We are here to make you a stronger, leaner, athletic if you've never been or have been forever, agile, injury proof, incredibly strong human. Join our fun!

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iMove Physiotherapy chat bot

iMove Physiotherapy

iMove is a specialist physiotherapy clinic with locations in Rozelle, Miranda and Panania. For location details visit

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Texas Regional Health & Wellness chat bot

Texas Regional Health & Wellness

Texas Regional Health is changing the face of medicine. We don't just treat symptoms. WE TREAT ROOT CAUSES including physical, chemical, and mental.

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Fischer Health & Rehab Center chat bot

Fischer Health & Rehab Center

Physical Therapy-Chiropractic-Acupuncture-Weight Loss-Nutrition Bergenfield

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Back In Motion Hawthorn chat bot

Back In Motion Hawthorn

Providers of physiotherapy and related services.

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Zanis Performance Therapy chat bot

Zanis Performance Therapy

Physical Therapy for the Athlete Within

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Physical Therapy One - MLG chat bot

Physical Therapy One - MLG

For All your Aches and Pains!

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Physio Phebe chat bot

Physio Phebe

I'm here to guide you through injury first aid, rehab and prehab so you can be active with confidence

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Physio - فيزيو chat bot

Physio - فيزيو

The official Page of PT Education Made Simple..

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