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Villagemilkapp chat bot


We Deliver Indian groceries at your Doorstep .

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Hungry Bear chat bot

Hungry Bear

HungryBear delivers food from your favorite restaurants to your doorstep.

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Merorestro- Online Food Delivery in Nepal chat bot

Merorestro- Online Food Delivery in Nepal is online food delivery service in Nepal with popular restaurant where people can order their favorite menu items and food.

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Foodvana chat bot


Foodvana is about simplifying your day & delivering some happiness!

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Meal Prep Fit chat bot

Meal Prep Fit

We are your friendly neighborhood meal planning assistant who shops, cooks, and delivers ready-to-go meals straight to your door! Our goals widget will help you control your calorie and macros ...

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Juan Ride chat bot

Juan Ride

We're your go-to service for food deliveries from your favorite local Restaurants. Message us now! @juanridePH

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The Dough Dô chat bot

The Dough Dô

The FIRST edible cookie dough shop in Lubbock! Currently, we are delivering dough-to-dough until we open our store! Check us out today!

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Food Intuition chat bot

Food Intuition

Community Supported Meals and catering service to the HRM & beyond. Weekly deliveries of healthy pre-made meals connecting you with Nova Scotia Farmers.

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Infinitive services chat bot

Infinitive services

We deliver ANYTHING you need; food,clothes,any package required

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TUGO Deliver chat bot

TUGO Deliver

TUGO Deliver is a fast-growing food delivery service based in Kuching with no cut-off time, easy ordering, and efficient delivery.

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Rillo Delivery chat bot

Rillo Delivery

Rillo Delivery Is the Uber of all kinds of things Grocery, beer, or if you just need something delivered across town we can do it

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Food Drop chat bot

Food Drop

Food Drop is a student courier service that delivers unwanted food to local charities in need.

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Bastian House of Sisig chat bot

Bastian House of Sisig

All Natural Pork Sisig

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Just Click Delivery Phuket chat bot

Just Click Delivery Phuket

All items delivery service:food, a gift for your loved one, your cat, documents, post, the your baggage...

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ZayChin chat bot


Get groceries to your doorstep within 2 hours same-day delivery.

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Alle Carte chat bot

Alle Carte

Alle Carte is a search engine for restaurant menus, which helps you quickly and easily find meals that fit your dietary Needs and Lifestyle.

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