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My life chat bot

My life

The Facebook page for

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Rational Reading chat bot

Rational Reading

Regular updates of great books for the inquiring mind.

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Science Lovers   محبوا العلم chat bot

Science Lovers محبوا العلم

This page made for all those who make from science their life and passion . Because we all shart the same love for science

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Science And Technology For Today Or Future chat bot

Science And Technology For Today Or Future

Sharing is caring. Let us know about vast universal information here.

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Nigeria Institute of Engineers and Scientist. chat bot

Nigeria Institute of Engineers and Scientist.

This page is a platform for the promotion of scientific ideas across the globe. It features great minds and ideas from the African extract of science and technology know how ...

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Do not dream of scccess.Wake up to achieve it chat bot

Do not dream of scccess.Wake up to achieve it

Do not Stop...Just Do it

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Frengineer chat bot


Frengineer offers you a few cups of quality science/engineering/tech info and news, a handful of memes, and a pinch of my own work. How about that like?

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Livestocking chat bot


This page is a platform to easily notify our blog fans & readers about new posts & share tips on how to become successful farmers & agroinvestors.

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Neuroscience News chat bot

Neuroscience News

Neuroscience News publishes research news involving neuroscience. Educational resources, discussion groups, forums, job listings, books, videos and more are also available. is free to join.

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Tjurnal chat bot


Let's Fun with Technology

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Cube Core chat bot

Cube Core

Our Mission, Our Vision is not just satisfied with 10%. We need more and more. One research say that Einestine used only 10% of his brain so he became super ...

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Myweatherman chat bot


Your NEW weather community

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Curiosity chat bot


Curiosity is the first science digital media in Myanmar. It was founded in May, 2014.

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Martian Soil chat bot

Martian Soil

All the fresh dirt on the planet Mars. Curated space exploration news stories lovingly crafted by Joost Schuur.

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Météo et Cyclone Maurice chat bot

Météo et Cyclone Maurice

The Mauritius facebook leading meteorology page. This page is by no means related to the Mauritius Meteorological Services (MMS).

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SciencePorn chat bot


Your source for science facts, news and laughs! Everything from Astronomy to X-rays all in one place.

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Scientific facts chat bot

Scientific facts

Hello dear science lovers this page is for every one if you.You will see the weirdest facts

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منصة قرطبة للابحاث والدراســـات Córdoba Platform for Research and Studies chat bot

منصة قرطبة للابحاث والدراســـات Córdoba Platform for Research and Studies

Kortouba Center for Studies and Research مركز قرطبة للدراسات والأبحاث

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