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Mixed Story chat bot

Mixed Story

Mixed we have Romance,Comedy,Horror,Fantasy,Sport,Action & etc.

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Text Serye 2016 chat bot

Text Serye 2016

Hi Guys Please Continue liking our Facebook page and for those who did not like our page yet please like Thanks for the likes�

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Author HJ Bellus chat bot

Author HJ Bellus

USA Today Best Selling Author, HJ Bellus is a small town girl who loves the art of storytelling.

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Teach and grow rich in 30days chat bot

Teach and grow rich in 30days

Teach and grow rich provides the elementary foundation that you need to emerge an influence online and begin to get paid for what you know.

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iNY - A multi-touch guide to Manhattan in New York chat bot

iNY - A multi-touch guide to Manhattan in New York

Specifically designed for a new kind of traveler, the iNY guide will let you experience New York on a local and more intimate level!

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The Prestige "African Luxury Life style" chat bot

The Prestige "African Luxury Life style"

Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

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My Beautiful Transformer chat bot

My Beautiful Transformer

My Beautiful Transformer official group page allows its readers to have a short bonding with the cast. This page is under EverGreen_ButPurple supervision.

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Discover SciFi chat bot

Discover SciFi

SciFi books - the best books, on special offer

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Allan Bakoush, Author. chat bot

Allan Bakoush, Author.

Welcome to my page! I'm Allan and I'm an 11 year old writer. I'm hoping to publish a book someday, but anyway, enjoy my stories!

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Short Story Novel chat bot

Short Story Novel

Its an honor to finally tell you that I created my first blog !!!!!

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Anime News PH chat bot

Anime News PH

The Anime News PH Official Page 2017-2018 is topic about Anime Premiere and Ranking Anime and We'll Publish here in this page about Manga Books and Movies.

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The Age of Magic chat bot

The Age of Magic

A new corner of the Kurtherian Gambit Universe.

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Book Store chat bot

Book Store

To lent books

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ZAHID XaaDi chat bot


its official page only for my self and my poetry and writings

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Tiger's RedBooks Page chat bot

Tiger's RedBooks Page

This page is about my Red Books. Im dedicated on these books.They are to help people who dont want to look crazy & told they need a loonybin. Secretly ok.

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Addison's Starfish Adventure chat bot

Addison's Starfish Adventure

Join Addison on her Summer adventure! this is a children's book full of fun, laughter, and finding Starfish!

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Interactive Story chat bot

Interactive Story

I am attempting to tell an interactive story in Facebook Messenger by using Chatfuel Chatbot.

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Learn English With Us chat bot

Learn English With Us

all levels can learn english with this page

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F.C bulsho chat bot

F.C bulsho

Viva f c bulsho

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The Rows family chat bot

The Rows family

A story of survival. Adam Rows, a professor, finds himself in the middle of a zombie outbreak and his family is his only priority

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ღ  ilove allah  ღ الله العظيمღ chat bot

ღ ilove allah ღ الله العظيمღ

if you want to know to know what is the love just love the god and you will know what is it.'

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The girl I Never met: Dark secrets chat bot

The girl I Never met: Dark secrets

the story redefining love

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Secrets of World chat bot

Secrets of World

Just for Knowledge.

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A. L. Michaelis chat bot

A. L. Michaelis

The page should say author but I couldn't locate that. This page is mostly for book updates and such but every now and then, I'll post teasers for books.

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"Tears Are The Words to Express love" chat bot

"Tears Are The Words to Express love"

A Tear coming out of the eyes is never a sign of Weakness, but A Sign of Care 'n Love. We Cry only for whom We Love. Because Tears are ...

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Novel Noemi chat bot

Novel Noemi

Novel Historical Romance karya Saeful Zaman

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Journey Wide chat bot

Journey Wide

A Love Story, Travel Tips, Places to Visit

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Unofficial: BookWorm chat bot

Unofficial: BookWorm

Get details of books that are recommended to read to know what Islam really is.

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Are the Androids Dreaming Yet? chat bot

Are the Androids Dreaming Yet?

Are you a computer? Are human beings walking around with a computer in their skull made of flesh and blood or are our brains something more than that?

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Nonte r Fonte chat bot

Nonte r Fonte

Nonte ar Fonte (নন্টে আর ফন্টে) is the most popular Bengali Comic Strips by Narayan Debnath.

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Outside Insight chat bot

Outside Insight

Learn how to leverage valuable insights found in external data - the online breadcrumbs companies and people leave behind on the internet - to make better business decisions. Outside Insight, ...

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Editor chat bot


writing was always my passion. It's to expand my thinking volume and just to feel myself. The only minute I forget myself is when I'm closer to my books���

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Ex mo. chat bot

Ex mo.

“Just because a relationship ends, it doesn’t mean it’s not worth having.” ~ Sarah Mlynowski

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Diary ng tanga chat bot

Diary ng tanga

This page is full of jokes and sarcasm if you can't take a joke I recommend you to leave this page.

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ღ همســــــاتـــ ღ chat bot

ღ همســــــاتـــ ღ

JusT WoRds ....

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Percy Jackson "is my life" chat bot

Percy Jackson "is my life"

This is for all Demi-God's greeks or romans. To talk and have fun

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The Ordinary Millionaire chat bot

The Ordinary Millionaire

Get access to the 14-Day Fast Start to Your Financial Freedom Program hosted by Wouter Snyman and The Ordinary Millionaire Academy

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Engage Humane chat bot

Engage Humane

I will give description about ....

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Lovely days chat bot

Lovely days

Lovely days key to lovely days

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Avii chat bot


this is the officially fb page for author avii

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Funny books chat bot

Funny books

It is About funny book videos games check ins films & Chates

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Love Books chat bot

Love Books

All about books! We bring you free and bargain books every day.

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GamePlay Videos chat bot

GamePlay Videos

Watch My Gaming Videos #Professional_Gamer

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From books with love chat bot

From books with love

What did you learn from the book you've just read? Share it to people.

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• Bloody lyrics • chat bot

• Bloody lyrics •

ეს გვერდი არის მათთვის ვისაც უყვრს პოეზია! - This page is for those who love poetry!

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Christian books chat bot

Christian books


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Malaysia 1st Robot Magazine: ROBOT.HEAD TO TOE chat bot

Malaysia 1st Robot Magazine: ROBOT.HEAD TO TOE

subscribe now at to get a free printed copy of <robot.Head To Toe>!

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Jonahnatixx chat bot


It's all about Jonah and her characters in wattpad

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