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BetterLYF chat bot


Counseling & Therapy

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Nathalie Ristord - Nanaimo Hypnosis & Rapid Transformational Therapy chat bot

Nathalie Ristord - Nanaimo Hypnosis & Rapid Transformational Therapy

Meet Nathalie Ristord, Therapeutic Hypnotist and go to :

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The McGuire Programme chat bot

The McGuire Programme

We help people who stutter gain control of their stutters. In Deutschland expanding in Österreich & Switzerland in 2017

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Sarah Tie MA, Winding Path Counseling chat bot

Sarah Tie MA, Winding Path Counseling

Winding Path Counseling is a small mental health private practice that provides counseling to new parents, individuals, and couples.

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Crossroads Recovery Centers chat bot

Crossroads Recovery Centers

We provides monitored residential detoxification, PHP, IOP, and Certified Outpatient Services to treat addiction from alcohol and or other Drugs.

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BMR Counselling & Consulting chat bot

BMR Counselling & Consulting

Welcome to BMR Counselling & Consulting, where we ensure client safety, confidentiality, and proper code of ethics are used and acknowledged in the counselling and consulting relationship.

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Lighthouse Whole Health :: in body, mind, spirit, community chat bot

Lighthouse Whole Health :: in body, mind, spirit, community

Integrative mental health in Evanston, working with you to find and support your well being through right relationship with body-mind-spirit-community.

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Manage Your Mind chat bot

Manage Your Mind

Manage Your Mind Consultancy is providing psychological well-being services to Individuals, Groups and Organisations. At MYM we utilise empirically supported approaches to personal and professional development. We follow our 3C ...

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ANKMANI chat bot


Ankmani, a numerology-vastu solution center by renown numerologist and vastu expert Pusshpa Joshi. She believe that every problem has a remedy to trust on.

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Gustav - powered by DeepDoc chat bot

Gustav - powered by DeepDoc

AI powered chatbot to diagnose and treat mood disorder and anxiety

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Unity Therapy chat bot

Unity Therapy

Zoe is an AI designed to listen to your problems and help you through it using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She's here for you 24/7/365. Just say hi!

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Name chat bot


Hi, my name is Manto. I am chatbot designed to help raise awareness for mental health to the South Asian communities (and anyone else who is receptive).

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Wilfred J Krenn, Psychotherapist chat bot

Wilfred J Krenn, Psychotherapist

Gifted Counseling St. Louis provides counseling and support for gifted and creative children, as well as their families.

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Aug-Mental chat bot


We're developing a tool that detects patterns consistent with depression in previously-undiagnosed patients.

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American Psychological Association chat bot

American Psychological Association

With more than 115,700 members, the American Psychological Association advances psychological science to promote health, education and human welfare.

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