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Backbone Wellness Institute chat bot

Backbone Wellness Institute

Backbone Wellness Institute, LLC is owned and operated by Dr. Clinton Garda. Dr. Garda provides spinal rehabilitation, wellness education and therapy.

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MHealthy-University of Michigan chat bot

MHealthy-University of Michigan

MHealthy is the University of Michigan’s health and well-being program for U-M faculty, staff, dependents and retirees and the general public.

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Medical College of Wisconsin chat bot

Medical College of Wisconsin

Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) is a private medical school and graduate school located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States.

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Medeor 24x7 chat bot

Medeor 24x7

Medeor Medical Centre brings to you a new concept in healthcare providing exemplary medical care with hospitality at its core.

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Orthopaedia Hong Kong chat bot

Orthopaedia Hong Kong

Cranial Remoulding Centre located in Hong Kong specialising in treating babies' flat head syndrome

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Bonati Spine Institute chat bot

Bonati Spine Institute

Bonati Spine Institute was first to develop & perfect minimally invasive endoscopic laser spine surgery. More than 55,000 successful procedures performed.

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Worldwide Integrative Healthcare Physical Medicine chat bot

Worldwide Integrative Healthcare Physical Medicine

We are dedicated to the overall health and well-being of Worldwide Integrative Healthcare Physical Medicine.

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Docteur Hervé Raspaldo - Chirurgie esthétique chat bot

Docteur Hervé Raspaldo - Chirurgie esthétique

Herve Raspaldo, specalized in plastic facial surgery and rejuvenation procedures.

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DaVinci Clinic chat bot

DaVinci Clinic

Da Vinci Clinic is an aesthetic clinic that brings you world class services.

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Jog Medical chat bot

Jog Medical

Jog Medical Center, is a 17,448 sf. state of the art, single story office building on Jog Road just north of Lake Worth Road in Greenacres / Lake Worth FL.

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Blink Eyebrow chat bot

Blink Eyebrow

Confidence is sexy.....

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Calmar Orthopaedics chat bot

Calmar Orthopaedics

Calmar is a multidisciplinary rehabilitative service specializing in maximizing independent living through the use of custom-made orthopaedic devices.

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Mithileshwari Health Care

Mithileshwari Health Care is for those who want to seek expert care, consultation and treatment for their long standing ailments and maladies.

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