Food Consultant chat bots

Discover best Food Consultant chat bots . Meet all chatbots in one place! chat bot is a one stop destination connecting the potential chains of caterers to their potential customers. Welcoming all catering network.

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Cambridge Weight Plan Newcastle - kirsty chat bot

Cambridge Weight Plan Newcastle - kirsty

Cambridge weight plan is made up of 6steps ranging from 600kcal to 1500kcal.i can help you loose weight fast,effectively, healthily & with my 24/7 support

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The Cooking School Uganda chat bot

The Cooking School Uganda

The Cooking School Uganda is one of the leading cookery schools in Africa offering Diploma and Certificate courses in Cookery.

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Hungry Eat What? chat bot

Hungry Eat What?

Aspiring Food Consultant! Hungry eat what? Let me tell you

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Pilipinas Recipes chat bot

Pilipinas Recipes

We provide different types of Recipes from the Philippines and other Asian Countries. Your No.1 source of Free Filipino Recipes. Free Recipes to try daily.

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Indian Diet Chart chat bot

Indian Diet Chart

Get Personalised North Indian and South Indian Diet chart by expert Nutritionists. Lose upto 5kg weight in a month.

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