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Reinhart Family Farm chat bot

Reinhart Family Farm

There is nothing more important then providing healthy food to our family and we take pride in providing the same value to customers.

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Lake House Villa chat bot

Lake House Villa

The farmhouse is built on 4 acres touching the peaceful serene Lake surrounded by the views of beautiful Mountains, Lush Green oxygenating forest and Open Spaces all around maintaining a ...

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Tors Bees chat bot

Tors Bees

Honey makes the world go round and so does Tors Bees! We farm Bee Eco Beeswax, deliciously fragrant Bee Eco Honey set on 50 acres of pristine land.

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The Urban Farm chat bot

The Urban Farm

At the urban, our mission is to make urban farming accessible to everyone and provide them healthy, nutritious and local food.

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SookYen Farm Chantaburi chat bot

SookYen Farm Chantaburi

Farm in Chantaburi, Thailand

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Cebu Urban Strawberries chat bot

Cebu Urban Strawberries

Grow urban strawberries right in your garden. We sell heat resistant Strawberry plants and have been city acclimatized and will surely thrive in your home garden.

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