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Supreme pupil government of balucuc e/s sy.2016-2017 chat bot

Supreme pupil government of balucuc e/s sy.2016-2017

this organization where my other member can suggest any project for our school

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Mortuza99 chat bot


In this Page i will try my best to upload a project in any programming language.

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Npi 2nd batch engineer chat bot

Npi 2nd batch engineer

this page for enigeer who study in nepal polytechnic institute in bharatpur,chitwan

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FutureLeague chat bot


Progressive, Outcomes based engineering and coding programs for kids of all ages

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VI-Araw chat bot


The page was actually for emergency infos,reminders,and other happenings in the class for absents who aren't informed will now be by the help of this page

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Bikateshwor English Secondary School chat bot

Bikateshwor English Secondary School


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Tuganay Elementary School chat bot

Tuganay Elementary School

We makes people easy to lead but difficult to drive, easy to govern but impossible to enslave.

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Galaxy Elementary Primary School,Dewas chat bot

Galaxy Elementary Primary School,Dewas

Galaxy elementary school started in the year 2004 at Dewas City.

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