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Spending Planners NZ chat bot

Spending Planners NZ

Get FREE from Money Stress! Spending Planners NZ coach you in creating a realistic Spending Plan that meets expenses, reduces debt and achieve real savings towards your life's goals.

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Tiếng Anh giao tiếp Pasal - Bình Thạnh chat bot

Tiếng Anh giao tiếp Pasal - Bình Thạnh

Pasal is an international organization gathering young people who have a strong desire to improve their communication skills in English.

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IG Academy chat bot

IG Academy

Providing IGCSE students with the best learning experience anywhere and anytime.

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Innovation Club chat bot

Innovation Club

In persuit of Generation that can create , innovate and beyond the limits

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Steps To Miles chat bot

Steps To Miles

We work with children & adults to achieve their true potential.

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Whiteboard Inc. chat bot

Whiteboard Inc.

Whiteboard Inc. is one of it's kind EdTech Startup. We at Whiteboard Inc. believe Education & Knowledge are infinite in nature. We believe in the transmission of knowledge across boundaries.

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Robby Academy chat bot

Robby Academy

Robby Academy is specialized robotics & electronics center in El-Sheikh Zaied, Giza, Egypt. It aims providing children and youngsters with the right skills to expedite their learning, especially in robotics ...

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Abi Fakhri Nabhan Rabbani chat bot

Abi Fakhri Nabhan Rabbani

This is true official fanpage for film audition of SSLK

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NIIT GTB Nagar chat bot


NIIT was established in 1985. NIIT conceived a franchising model in IT education for the very first time, setting up nine centers by 1987.In 1986, NIIT began its foray into ...

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Teach2Educate chat bot


We are a non-profit edTech startup providing a platform to empower students to teach and learn from their peers by the means of creating & sharing videos

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What Da Math - Space and Science Thru Video Games chat bot

What Da Math - Space and Science Thru Video Games

Space, universe, math, science and such through video games.

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Blobpro Academy chat bot

Blobpro Academy

Digital Marketing Academy based in Singapore

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UKuni chat bot


UKuni - Use UKuni to Search, Compare and Apply to UK universities.

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Digital Frontiersmen chat bot

Digital Frontiersmen

"The new Digital Frontiersmen, the visionaries, the architects, the entrepreneurs and the creators that are forming the landscape of tomorrows world."

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Digital Marketing Professionals Institute chat bot

Digital Marketing Professionals Institute

Digital Marketing Professional Institute (DMPI) is a leading digital marketing training institute for Big Corporates, Institute, Entrepreneurs, and Students.

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Loop District chat bot

Loop District

Testing Chatbots, oh my!

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