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/eve exists to make your life easier by saving precious time for HR managers and staff. For starters, /eve can make requests for IRS W-9 & W-4 Forms from your employees as well as get notified when they fill them out and status updates. Read More Here: http://eve.io/slack/ ### Current Commands /eve request w9 [email protected] This requests a IRS W-9 Form from a team member or contractor. /eve request w4 [email protected] This requests a IRS W-4 Form from a team member. /eve status Show all requests and their status (i.e. "Completed" and "Pending"). ### Eve is Evolving Eve is still evolving and growing as your HR’s personal assistant and bot! For instance, we're building out requests for Form I-9 as well as integrations with your current HRIS / MS tools. Subscribe to our Blog: http://blog.eve.io to stay updated! ### Support? Comments? Suggestions? If you need anything we are here to help: [email protected] Tweet us at @Eve_io : http://twitter.com/eve_io


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