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Never miss out on cool events and activities happening nearby with the NearMinderBot! Search for a specific type of event that you are interested in, such as Music, Art, Dance, ...

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🐼 Pandas 🐼

Best pandas videos!

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Krystol Foot/Paw fetish Bot

This is Krystol from StarFox, but she is here for you to enjoy her feet/paws. SO... Have fun ;3 My first bot, so it may not be finished yet

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Funny Or Die

We love to make you laugh. Just tap ‘Chat’ for guaranteed hilarity.

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Welcome to your personal facts bot. Enjoy all the facts you could ever dream of!

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Sequel Stories

Have you ever wanted to message a mega star or advise a detective on a murder case? Here’s your chance! Start talking to stars, detectives, or serial killers as if ...

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Candie's + Fifth Harmony

Play the ultimate Fifth Harmony quiz game. Who said what? Which girl pic is more popular? What was Camila doing in an exclusive video? We’ll match you up to the ...

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Riffsy GIF Keyboard

Say it with gifs! Just type @gif followed by any word in your Kik conversations to share a sweet gif! Try "@gif funny", "@gif yolo" or "@gif flirty". With millions ...

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AskAny - Questions and more!

Bored? Here you will find an unlimited number of questions to ask your friends!

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Roleplay Chat Meet Anime + More

Bro I like alp rps

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Secret Admirer

With Secret Admirer Bot, you can send secret notes to those you’ve been admiring from afar. It’s a great way to spend those Kik points you’ve been hoarding—that is, if ...

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Meet Mitsuku, your new artificially intelligent BFF. A multi award-winning chatbot designed to entertain, not assist, Mitsuku keeps millions of people from all over the world company with her conversational ...

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The Egg

An experiment in story telling.

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So much wrong with the media. It's miserable. Just sad! TrumpChat sends you election news in way that is pure gold: the way Trump would tell it. Great! This bot—me—sends ...

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Vine is the entertainment network where the world's stories are captured, created and remixed. Watch the moments that start trends and influence culture. There's never a dull moment. Now you ...

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theScore brings you real-time sports scores and news from the teams you care about, with deep coverage of MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL and major soccer leagues! Simply ask theScore Bot ...

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Magic Eight Bot

Magic Eight Bot reaches into the future to find the answers to your questions. It knows what will be, and is willing to share this with you.

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Pimp up your messages with crazy video mashups If you love watching funny videos and memes you will enjoy chatting with me. You can easily turn your regular messages into ...

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From Mic, DisOrDatBot lets you weigh in on the biggest dilemmas of 2016. Beyonce or Rihanna? GIF or JIF? 'Reed receipt' or 'Red receipt'? The decision is yours.

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