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Chat bots platform Slack — a convenient tool to increase business efficiency for companies. Using them, you can automate many routine operations, free up staff and save money company.

YouWorth chat bot


YouWorth provides precise and continuous salary estimates to professionals in the job market based on their LinkedIn™ skills, education, and work experience. Use our Slack app to quickly receive real-time ...

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RSS Fox chat bot


Advanced RSS integration allows you to subscribe to an RSS or Atom feed URL and receive updates in Slack. Feeds will be fetched periodically, and new items will be posted ...

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Loverino chat bot


Allows you to search the text from any spoken audio such as conference calls. Ever wanted to be on a conference call but were too busy and wanted to know ...

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TexTurner chat bot


TexTurner is The Human Translation Bot for Slack. TexTurner removes the bottlenecks that slow down translation jobs. Real native speakers translate your words into context and humanize your job, be ...

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POEditor chat bot


POEditor is an online translation and localization management platform, designed to increase the productivity of localization teams. This app helps POEditor users keep track of what happens in their accounts, ...

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/seen chat bot


Slack command to see what your team mates have been up to on the Internet by finding their most recent social media post or checkin. Users attach their social media ...

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MonkeyWorks chat bot


When you’re managing marketing accounts, there is some information you just can’t afford to miss. Hook up your accounts to the monitor and we’ll make sure you and your team ...

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KOMASO chat bot


Komaso is a premium quality HD audio/video/screen sharing service. Go from /komaso to a multiparty meeting with screen sharing in less than 15 seconds. Channel integration sends back details about ...

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SatisMeter chat bot


SatisMeter is a feedback platform that collects NPS and customer feedback directly inside mobile and web apps based on specific usage patterns. With SatisMeter you can reduce churn by proactively ...

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Yodel chat bot


Our Yodel bot lives in your Slack channels and announces calls. - Answer the calls directly from Slack and talk via the web browser or mobile phone. - Dial out ...

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Cricket Scores chat bot

Cricket Scores

This app returns scores of the recent cricket matches running all over the world. Follow the steps below to find the cricket scores.

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AppFollow chat bot


Track app activities in App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone Store: • Reviews • Ranks • Keywords (search results positions) • Updates You can track any app in the ...

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Tripnary chat bot


Tripnary is a mobile app that finds you great places to fly on your budget. Tripnary for Slack lets you do the same, inside Slack. With Tripnary, you can search ...

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Weather App chat bot

Weather App

This app helps users to get current weather information abount any city of the world. User has given fascility to pass city/locaiton name to this app. Weather information maily contains ...

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Zoho Invoice chat bot

Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice is online invoicing software built for small business owners and freelancers. With Zoho Invoice, you can 1. Send beautiful invoices and quotes. 2. Automatically send payment reminders. 3. ...

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Zoho Books chat bot

Zoho Books

Zoho Books is an easy-to-use, online accounting software designed for small businesses to manage their finances and stay on top of their cash flow. With Zoho Books, you can; 1. ...

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Zoho Expense chat bot

Zoho Expense

With Zoho Expense, your finance team can receive notifications in Slack whenever an expense report is approved or rejected. Zoho Expense automates recording of expenses from receipts, and allows for ...

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doctorSIM IMEI Lookup chat bot

doctorSIM IMEI Lookup

Identify any phone based on its IMEI number! Check if it is blacklisted against over 150 network operators from 57 countries! Obtain info regarding the original phone operator! Available commands: ...

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odrive chat bot


odrive is the desktop sync for all your Slack files. Get sync access to all your Slack channels and direct messages. Open all your Slack files and make updates directly ...

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CATS chat bot


Never miss a new applicant again! With our Slack integration you can have notifications sent to a channel of your choice. Notices will include name, job applied to, and a ...

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GoCo chat bot


Once you setup your team on and connect with Slack, we’ll automatically post your team’s birthdays and work anniversaries direct to the Slack channel. Never miss a chance to ...

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PractiTest Test Case Management chat bot

PractiTest Test Case Management

PractiTest test management integration will allow you to be in control of your testing status right in your Slack feed channel. Based on your configuration you will be informed whenever ...

Slack   Business   |  630 |  0. |   0 chat bot monitors and manages the performance of video calls in an WebRTC application. The's Slack app provides notifications from the service- and call-level metrics to a Slack channel. These ...

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Unsplash chat bot


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So save your sweet keystrokes with Unsplash. Find and post photos from Unsplash's curated collection of breathtaking photography to any Slack ...

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Scrum Mate chat bot

Scrum Mate

Scrum Mate is an agile management tool for Scrum and Kanban teams. This integration allows users to receive notifications from Scrum Mate as a Slack direct message. You’ll get notifications ...

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DoneDone chat bot


DoneDone is a simple, effective issue tracker your clients and developers will love. This integration will connect a DoneDone project with a Slack private or public channel. DoneDone will automatically ...

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Calculator chat bot


Calculator takes a string representing a numeric computation/formula, computes and returns the result.

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Market chat bot


Provides quotes from Yahoo Finance for every mention of a stock ticker. You can say AAPL or $AAPL and get a quote for APPL from Yahoo Finance. The bot, however, ...

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Standup Bot chat bot

Standup Bot

Automated Standups for Slack Channels Standup Bot identifies your team’s daily tasks and roadblocks. It runs your meeting for you by automatically asking your team three daily standup questions. At ...

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Shopbot chat bot


Shopbot is the best way to shop without leaving Slack. Simply type /shop [anything] and Shopbot will get you the best products online. Amazon is supported today but Shopify, Etsy, ...

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Device Magic chat bot

Device Magic

Device Magic makes collecting data simple by allowing you to create and distribute mobile forms to your team’s Apple and Android devices. Our web-based custom form builder makes creating mobile ...

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TINT chat bot


TINT is where your content and community come together to create beautiful stories displayed anywhere for maximum engagement. That’s why we integrated TINT with Slack so you and your team ...

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Mailinator chat bot


Fetch and Subscribe to Mailinator Inboxes right from Slack! Get your favorite disposable emails in your Slack channels.

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Mention chat bot


Mention is a powerful but ultra-simple media monitoring tool. Slack Integration Powers: - Get real-time alerts without flooding your team with notifications: choose to receive everything, or just mentions from ...

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LawTrades chat bot


LawTrades helps you complete legal work effortlessly. Just tell it your legal situation and we'll connect you with a vetted business attorney inside Slack. Get upfront price quotes, schedule appointments, ...

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HourStack chat bot


HourStack is a simple time tracking and resource allocation tool for individuals and teams that integrates directly with Slack. With HourStack you can track time using slash commands from any ...

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Felix bot chat bot

Felix bot

Felix helps you stay focused on the tasks that really matter to you today. Just tell him your top goals for today, and then cross them off your list as ...

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ClosingBell chat bot


Each morning, get the week's best and worst rated stocks — as rated by Wall Street research firms and the ClosingBell community of thousands of independent analysts, traders and investors. ...

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Scalus chat bot


Scalus offers an all-in-one solution for workflow, process automation, and communication helping thousands streamline business operations -- from onboarding its customers to better efficiency for sales and revenue operations. Scalus ...

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Your.MD chat bot


With Your.MD you get FREE, AI powered, personalised health info all written by UK doctors. Simply add Your.MD to get started, if you get stuck, type ‘Help’ to see the ...

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Wizeline chat bot


Connect Slack to Wizeline’s intelligent product roadmap software to easily submit product ideas and requests whenever great ideas happen. To create a request, type the following slash command: /wize request ...

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App Radar Keyword Tracker chat bot

App Radar Keyword Tracker

With App Radar Keyword Tracker you get daily information about your App Store rankings based on the keywords you used for your app. It helps you understand if/how your app ...

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Dicebot chat bot


Adds the following command: /roll [XdY] - Roll X Y-sided dice

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Tastelog chat bot


Tastelog is an application for delicious dishes and places. You can download Tastelog in App Store, Google Play, and Naver Store. In Slack, use "/tastelog [keyword] near [location] " to ...

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Sir Gifs a Lot chat bot

Sir Gifs a Lot

If you've ever been in situation where words and emojis just don't seem to be enough to express the emotions you're feeling, Sir Gifs a Lot is here for you. ...

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Nurtz chat bot


Get a good human professional editor who will swiftly refine and polish your text without having to leave your Slack window. Anyone on your team can drop Nurtz bot a ...

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Continu chat bot


Continu is a powerful, flexible, modern Learning Platform. This integration will allow users to receive notifications from Continu inside Slack through the use of a Continubot.

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Hired chat bot


Hired is a career marketplace for the world's knowledge workers. Starting with in-demand tech and sales roles, we’re bringing together job seekers with the companies who want to hire them. ...

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